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Advantage Homes Launches Incentive Program for Real Estate Agents

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Advantage Homes is excited to announce a unique new opportunity for realtors — the Advantage Homes Agent Alliance, an innovative incentive program for local real estate agents selling Maryland new homes. Developed to strengthen the relationship between the home builder and agents, the Agent Alliance provides members with a package of exclusive benefits, including increased commission and advanced notice on new homes and communities.

“Over the years, real estate agents have been a leading source of sales,” said Jim McCormack, vice president of sales and marketing for Advantage Homes. “Our new Advantage Homes Agent Alliance initiative is designed to surround us with top agents and provide them with exceptional benefits.”

In order to offer up-to-the-minute information to members, the Agent Alliance program is maintained through Facebook. This platform also allows agents to easily discover and share new listings and information through social media marketing. To join the Agent Alliance, current real estate agents must visit the program’s Facebook page, click “like,” and fill out the brief information in the subsequent form.

As a member of the Advantage Homes Agent Alliance, real estate agents receive the following benefits:

  • Advantage Homes will pay agents on the total contract price, including all options.
  • Beyond Advantage Homes’ regular 3 percent commission, they will pay 3.5 percent commission on a member’s second sale per calendar year, and 4 percent commission for a member’s third sale (and above that) per calendar year.
  • Alliance Agents receive advanced notice on new communities, new incentives and available homes for sale before information is released to the public.
  • Advantage Homes will accept email or phone registrations of Alliance Agents’ clients prior to their first visit.
  • Alliance Agents will be entered into a yearly drawing for a High-Tech Realtor Package (iPhone, iPad, data package and phone service for a year).

To view or join the program, visit the Advantage Homes Agent Alliance Facebook page.