Energy Efficient Homes

Advantage Homes is an ENERGY STAR® Partner. Every home we sell is not only ENERGY STAR® certified, our homes deliver an additional 20% energy savings

Advantage homes LLC provides energy efficient homes at a cost effective price. When building a home we always keep in mind that. The building’s site and climate are important factors that need to be taken into consideration when designing an energy efficient home. We also use high quality HVAC system, which is an important component of an energy efficient home.

Our energy efficient homes are all about saving money for the homeowner!

Count the ways Advantage Homes makes your home Energy Efficient!
  1. Every Home is certified by an Authorized Third Party Rater
  2. HVAC and Airducts are confined to conditioned space for added efficiency
  3. Low-E Double Paned Single-Hung Windows - keeps heat in during winter and out in the summer
  4. High Efficiency 90+ Natural Gas Direct Vent Furnace, 13 SEER High Efficiency Air Conditioner
  5. Programmable Thermostats for customized control
  6. High Efficiency Water Heater - that uses 10-15% less energy than standard water heaters
  7. Air Seal Package for Entire House Including Mastic on Duct Work
  8. Genuine Tyvek® Housewrap - Provides an effective water barrier and windbreaker
  9. Insulated Garage Walls/Ceiling/Garage Door for Attached Garages
  10. ENERGY STAR® Kitchen Appliances - use 10 to 50 percent less energy
  11. Premium Insulation Package - attic, basement, floors walls and ceilings - R49 in most areas of attic, R15 in exterior walls

“...great deal of concern for customer needs...”

Yi & Meng, Boyds, MD